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Sunday, July 10

Dead and Company complete a two night masterpiece at Alpine, with twoextraordinary sets of music.Setlist and Recap

Dead and Company complete a two night masterpiece at Alpine, with two      extraordinary sets of music.Setlist and Recap

The Dead and Company did not waste any time on this Sunday night at the famed Alpine Valley. They followed last night's absolute burner by taking the crowd to church early with a rousing "Samson and Delilah". Let me just start off by saying besides the "Even So" in Boulder, this was the best first set of the tour. "Standing on the Moon" sung beautifully by the kid bled into their amazing take on "Crazy Fingers". Next up was an "Athea" for the ages. I am almost certain John's guitar caught fire. Everyone got to sing a verse as "GDTRFB" ended this colossal first set. 

         The second set got off to an unusual start with a "Sugar Magnolia" but Bobby left off the "Sunshine Daydream". Then it was clear the second half would be a Grateful sandwich. A "Viola Lee Blues" erupted as the band flexed their improvisation skills taking this on a musical rollercoaster. Then those magical notes rang out that are the unmistakable "Scarlet>Fire" and this was on par with the giants they been playing all summer. After an eventful"Drums and Space" the ever elusive"Wharf Rat" delivered a collective lump in everyone's throat before Bobby finished what the band started with "Sunshine Daydream". A double encore of "Ripple and "Touch of Grey"sent the masses home forever grateful. As they take tomorrow off, I am still in awe they have yet to have anything even remotely close to an off night. We will survive indeed. 
By: Kevin Long
Edited by:Greg Heffelfinger