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Saturday, July 9

Cody Dickinson releases his solo debut album with a little help fromhis friends. Leeway for the Freeway is a musical achievement.Enjoy my review and Give it a Listen.

Cody Dickinson releases his solo debut album with a little help from his friends. Leeway for the Freeway is a musical achievement.Enjoy my Review and Give it a Listen. 

       Growing up in Memphis, TN. where I learned to talk the jive. I was lucky to watch Luther and Cody Dickinson come of age musically right before my eyes. In the early years of the North Mississippi All Stars before thier dad passed away, music and Memphis legend Jim Dickinson. The majority of the hometown shows( N.Y.E was always special) meant that pops would be sitting in among other musical royalty. He died in the beginning of his sons' fame but with those two musical prodigies notoriety and fame was never in doubt. 
   His brother Luther Dickinson played with the Black Crows and has recorded a few solo records himself also happens to be one of many guests on his brothers'  debut album, Leeway for the Freeway.
    The record was produced by his mother Mary Lindsay Dickinson and the LP is released through his own Diamond D Records and is available starting today for purchase on iTunes and other select outlets.

      I think alot of music lovers will be pleastly surprised with the inviting sound of Luther's debut album. It's a little more mainstream or dare I say radio friendly than his brothers or thier work as The North Mississippi All-Stars. Please do not get mistaken the title track has his brother and Duane Betts sitting in, so it's still very much rooted in the Delta Blues. Besides Duane Betts and his big brother, Cody also has the privilege of the talents of John Medeski on the rousing track Stranger. Robert Randolph lends his unmistakable sound to the uplifting catchy track Wing and a Prayer. Sharisse Norman lends her talent on the metaphorical parody The Party is Over. It is not an accident that a Betts plays guitar on the title track Leeway for the Freeway it is a love letter to Greg Allman and the musical landscape he created. I knew Cody could sing but the vocals are extremely effective and the one area of concern going in to my first listen turned onto effect one of the album's strong characteristics. Cody  gives all the credit to his mother as they recorded this album in the family kitchen as she recooperated from knee surgery. He has been quoted saying his mother's "wisdom in rock 'n' roll is unparalleled". I am sure being married to a musical god for so many years attributed to her many talents. The one track I can almost bet his mother did not produce his a whimsical dub-step version of Chuck Berry's classic Johney B. Goode. It does not flow within the confines of the musical framework that Cody establishes with this ambitious and enjoyable debut album. I have listen to this musical achievement twice already and I keep asking one question. What took you so long to record a solo album Cody? This tribute to his musical past and nod to the path he is on is a marvel and belongs in any music lovers collection. Highly Recommend! I give it 4.5 glowsticks out of 5. 
By: Kevin Long

Thanks to Jambase: here is a video to
Leeway for the Freeway and a stream.