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Wednesday, June 29

We at Grateful Music are devastated to report Rob Wasserman has passedaway.

We at Grateful Music are devastated to report Rob Wasserman as passed away. Rest Easy,

A few hours passed since Bob Weir shared the news bassist and close friend Rob Wasserman was very sick. Ratdog guitarist Mark Karan revealed a few hours later that Rob Wasserman had lost his battle. Bob Weir tweeted this shortly after the news broke. 

Rob Wasserman is best known for his collaborations with Bob Wier including a long tenure in Ratdog. I recently was lucky enough to watch him in The Keller Williams Trio. He never looked worse or played better. He is truly a musician's musician and nobody will ever make a stand up bass sing like an angel again.  He has shared the stage with Metallica, Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Lou Reed and countless others. 
   Being a forty one year old dead head who caught the last few years of Grateful Dead tour before Jerry died. I had the pleasure to witness Rob & Bobby on stage together making magic countless times. In a year where we keep losing legends. Bernie Worrell and Rob Wasserman hurts me personally the most. I grew up with them. Rob may the four winds blow you safely home. Rest Easy, 
By: Kevin Long