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Wednesday, June 1

Umphrey's McGee and moe. Made Sure Everyone Knew it was their Party. There was practically A moe. Incident

Umphrey's McGee and moe. Made Sure Everyone Knew it was their Party. There was practically A moe. Incident 

        Summercamp ages similar to wine; it only gets more complex and improves in all facets of pleasure. It's run virtuously  seemingly a fan first operation. The majority  of the other major festivals took the summer off or licked thier wounds and went to start anew.  It's a new epidemic in our scene, Festy Sprawling. We have so much cool content lined up for you. 

  Photo By: 

Our  new photographer is a ninja and Michael knows how to enjoy paradise. But what really seperates Summercamp apart from other BAND hosted music festival lineups. All the others book solid bands, but stay away from any star that might burn brighter then the Hosts. Umphreys and moe. will book any size Act knowing they will bring the goods. This year was ridiculous so before we disect all the artist's performance. Let's bask in the sheer brilliance these two bands generate.                

moe.  Photo: Aaron Bradley

            Umphrey's Friday 

GURGLE>Plunger>Wife Soup, Miami Virture >Roctopos , Syncopated Strangers, Divisions
Set 2
Stinky's Acsension, Ocean Billy , 2x2, In the Kitchen >Hurt Bird Bath 

                                    VIP set and Saturday U.M      Umphrey's 

Professor Wormbog, Mad Love, The Weight Around, 40’s Theme, Sludge & Death > Thank You* > Go to Hell

Notes: *Joel only, last time played 12/14/01

Set I: Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Resolution > In The Black, Puppet String > Wizard Burial Ground > Attachments > Wizard Burial Ground

Set II: All In Time > Puppet String, Ringo > 1348, Nothing Too Fancy > Phil’s Farm > Nothing Too Fancy

Enc: Daffodils, All In Time

Source:  Set  1 

moe. Friday Set 1
Stranger Than Fiction, Waiting For The Punchline, Haze
> Water, Zed Naught Z, Blue Jeans Pizza>Mexico, Low , St Augustine 
Set I: Gurgle > Plunger> Wife Soup, Miami Virtue > Roctopus, Syncopated Strangers, Divisions 
Set II: Stinko’s Ascension, Ocean Billy, 2×2 > Speak Up > 2×2, In The Kitchen > Hurt Bird Bath

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer Camp Music Festival Chillicothe, IL
Set I: Billy Goat, Stressed Out%, Skrunk, Captain America, Fame%%, Puebla > Big World, Purple Rain%%
Set II: Shine On You Crazy Diamond^ > Opium^ > Making Flippy Floppy^^, George, Wind It Up > Lazarus
%with Fishbone
%%with Fishbone, first time played
^with Kyle Hollingsworth
^with Kyle Hollingsworth, first time played
Summer Camp Music Festival ~ Chillicothe, IL
Set I: Baba O’Riley*, Spine Of A Dog > Buster, Jazz Wank > Rebubula
Set II: Recreational Chemistry, Kids > Down Boy, Silver Sun > Timmy Tucker
Enc: White Room^
Notes: *with Allie Kral, last time played 3/29/08
^first time played

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