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Tuesday, June 21

Ticketmaster releases the first list of eligible concerts. There are tons of great acts on the upside, reading the fine print is the downside.

Ticketmaster releases the first list of eligible concerts. There are tons of great acts,which is the upside, reading the fine print is the downside.

Ticketmaster, as some tickets are literally disappearing from customers accounts, released the initial list we can use our vouchers on this summer. If your tickets are disappearing, they will reappear shortly with barcodes. Also, remember your tickets are good until 2020 so if nothing lines up for you on this list. Take comfort that they will be releasing plenty more. 
Today, Ticketmaster released their initial list of 450 acts that the vouchers can be used for this summer. Remember, just because you see a band you like, not to assume the vouchers will work on the whole tour. First the good news, there are countless quality shows for all musical tastes. From String Cheese, Bob Dylan, Flight of the Conchords, The Cure, Prophets of Doom and Cary Clark Jr. to name a few. For a complete list of all the eligibly shows click here

   Make sure you read the fine print! It has to be a Live Nation event, yada yada, my favorite one is that the concert must offer general admission tickets. But this is a win for the people at the most and the cup is half full at the least. I am hearing of problems already with technical issues, but it's still TicketBastard.  

As part of a recent lawsuit settlement over “excessive and deceptive” service fees, Ticketmaster is offering 50 million of its users vouchers for free tickets and discounts.
Today, Ticketmaster revealed an initial list of the 450 shows for which the free vouchers can be used. And surprisingly, there’s some big names included: The Cure, Black Sabbath, Mumford and Sons, Bob Dylan, Flight of the Conchords, Prophets of Rage, “Weird Al” Yankovich, Brand New with Modest Mouse, Blink-182, Weezer, Duran Duran, Hall and Oates, and Gary Clark Jr. are all included.
Free tickets are even being offered to this year’s XPoNential Festival, which features performances from Ryan Adams, Alabama Shakes, and Kurt Vile.
Check out the list of eligible shows here. Of course, seeing as how this does involve Ticketmaster, there are already technical issues being reported. Many Ticketmaster users have reported that their provided voucher codes are not being accepted at check out.
Because Ticketmaster.