The Dead and Company show no signs of slowing down as they deliver for the second night at Citi Field.

 Dead and Company show no signs of slowing down as they deliver for the second night at Citi Field. 

Dead and Company wasted little time getting the huge audience dancing as they opened the show with Saint Stephen and never looked back. Donna Jean Godchaux joined the boys for the second night leading to speculation if she is in fact a member. The first set was a scorcher although they did debut a tender "Peggy-O". 
The second set was full of monster jams led by the man of the tour John Mayer; who seemingly gets better by the show. The second stanza started with "Truckin" then visiting a delicate "He's Gone" before a huge "Help>Slip>Franks" that carried into drums and space. A haunting version of "Days Between" formed out of "Space". The second set marched on with a huge "China>Rider" that gave everyone a chance to show off.  It would not be a Sunday night without a "Samson and Delilah" and that is what closed this colossal show. 

Written by: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger

Setlist! By SetlistFM 

  1. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  2. Play Video
  3. Play Video
  4. (Bob Weir cover)
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  5. ([traditional] cover)
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  6. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  7. Play Video
  8. 2nd Set (9:48 PM start; Drums at 10:41; off at xx:xx PM
  9. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
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  10. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  11. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  12. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  13. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  14. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  15. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  16. (Grateful Dead cover)
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  17. (Grateful Dead cover)
    I know you Rider 

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