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Thursday, June 16

The Clear Creek RAPIDGRASS Bluegrass Festival is the consummate birthday destination for this old man.

The Clear Creek RAPIDGRASS Bluegrass Festival is the consummate  birthday destination for this old man. 

On June 24th I will be turning Forty One and I will be spending my birthday in musical paradise. I will happily be covering Clear Creek Bluegrass Festival for Grateful Music. I sent some youngsters to cover the magical madness that is Electric Forest. I am going to spend my weekend dancing to Bluegrass legends like Peter Rowen, David Grisman and Jeff Austin and camping under the Colorado Stars. 

This music first, family friendly festival in beautiful Idaho Springs, will have everything I need in a festival and not all those distractions that linger around the larger festivals.  Good friends, timeless music in a breathtaking environment. Does it really get any better then that? 
Prices range from $25-$250 depending on the package you buy. They are even selling single day passes, so you have no excuse not to come wish me a Grateful Birthday. It's only 25 minutes from Denver and hear are the links for tickets and the stellar list of acts.  

Single Day Tickets! -

Website and Info -
Here is the complete lineup

Peter Rowan & Rapidgrass, The David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, Jeff Austin, Coral Creek, Rapidgrass Quintet, Finnders and Youngberg, Caribou Mountain Collective, Credibility Gap, Kind Mountain, Running out of Road, Sarah Morris Gospel Set, Silver Plume, MasonTown, Burn't Blue, The Lonesome Days, Gypsy Cattle Drive, Roy Williams and The Human Hands, Phoebe Hunt and The Gatherers Featuring Dominick Leslie, Billy Cardine & Mary Lucey, Spring Creek Reunion, Robin Davis Duo, Thunder and Rain, 'Kernel Tweener' (Bruce Hayes), AND MANY MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

So don't just sit around the house when your soul can be rejuvenated while you make memories to last a lifetime. I hope to see you at my (unofficial) birthday party. 
By: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger