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Saturday, June 11

Stirring New Details Emerge about Phish's New Studio Album. Andrés Forero will Play on All the Tracks!

Stirring New Details Emerge about Phish's New Studio Album. Andrés Forero will Play on All the Tracks!

  Exciting details about Phish's upcoming Studio Album was shared by percussionist Andrés Forero of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" in a fascinating interview with the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.
    Trey met Andrés when Phish came to see "Hamiliton" with thier wives during their  latest New Year's run in N.Y. Trey originally  hired Andrés Forero to contribute on three tracks on the upcoming Phish Studio release. But according to The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle he appears on every number on the yet to be released album. This takes my already high expectation  for this album and ratchets in up considerably. I think for good fucking reason! I would be lying if I told you I knew anything about this Broadway Musician . You will have to read the informative interview on how Trey courted him to fully understand how much the band respected his talent.  Here is a excerpt from the article to get your mouth salivating;
       and invited me to play on three tunes on their new album. One was a 15-minute piece with classical percussion. Even though I double majored in college in classical and jazz, it’s been a while for me. Of course, I agreed to do it,” Forero told the Democrat & Chronicle. Andrés went on to explain he broke out “cowbells and shakers” for the recording session as well. “We had such a synergy between us, near the end Trey said, ‘There’s only one song you haven’t played on.’” The paper’s article goes on to report, “Forero’s on every song of the next Phish album.” Outside of Forero’s participation, the big news here is that Phish recorded “a 15-minute piece with classical percussion.” The longest song on the band’s last album was just over nine minutes long.

    WOW! There is also a link to the article in the beginning of the piece. Still no official word when Phish's follow up to 2014 "Fuego" will be released. But this is just one of a few surprises that Phish's lucky 13 studio album holds. The Rumor mill places Snarky Puppy's Chris Bullock and a few other artist as possible guests on Phish's definitive 3.0 album. Obviously,  my hopes are as unrealistic as most of Phish Nation's seem to be. It must be time for Fresh Phish.
Kevin Long