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Monday, June 13

Some Asshole Screamed "Free Bird" at a Recent Bob Dylan Show. The only actual news is Bob actually obliged and performed a stirring rendition of the jam in Lynyrd Skynyrd's Rock Anthem. Watch!

Some As#hole Screamed "Free Bird" at a Recent Bob Dylan Show. The only actual news is Bob  obliged and played a note-perfect rendition of the dueling guitar solo in Lynyrd Skynyrd's Rock Anthem. Watch! 

Bob Dylan has never met a cover he did not like. He has incorporated countless tunes by many artists in his live shows since the early sixties. Ironically, the Never Ending Tour is supporting Dylan's latest release Fallen Angels which is his second installment of Frank Sinatra classics. I have had the pleasure of seeing Dylan live well over a hundred shows and witnessed him cover everybody from The Grateful Dead to Warren Zevon and all genres in-between. But I never thought I would hear the Great One cover " Free Bird". Of course, some asshole yelled to hear it or be funny. Hell, maybe he was trying to impress a date and had a low I.Q. Whatever the reason he yelled it, is less fascinating than why Dylan played it. I think he finally got sick of hearing songs yelled in his direction for over twenty years. Instead of going the route that Phish did when faced with the same question and answered it with a barbershop quartet version, Dylan chose to play the jam as he was coming out of the set closer "Love Sick". Whatever the reason, we will most likely never know. Dylan is a very quiet man, but thanks to Consequence of Sound and some Youtube tapers we get to witness how Bob Dylan closed The Greek Theatre on Thursday Night with “Free Bird”. Even though, in the end it just may encourage that drunk guy. 
By Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg"Yelling Freebird just isn't funny" Heffelfinger
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