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Tuesday, June 21

Phish’s Summer Tour 2016 Preview. It's time to forget about life forawhile.

Phish’s Summer Tour 2016 Preview. It's time to forget about life for awhile. 
Me at Stargate forgetting about Life

Phish’s Summer Tour 2016 begins tomorrow in St. Paul, Minnesota. One quick note for all you “Spock’s Brain” song chasers, do not sleep on tomorrow night. It's the tour opener and with the tragic death of actor Anton Yelchin, who played in the Star Trek reboot in the news, tomorrow is as good a bet of any. Besides, it's the first day of tour and anything is possible. 

I hate expectations and prefer to surrender to the flow but I can't ignore the facts. Last summer was a miraculous tour that will stand up musically against any era. Since they reconciled in 2009, they have improved immensely every tour. Just look at the difference between that first summer of 3.0 and the fall tour just months later, they displayed vast improvement and trust amongst one another musically. Fast forward to last summer’s magical carpet ride. I witnessed the band I grew up with displaying maturity along with their whimsical humor. They introduced new material and was stretching the songs on musical journeys immediately. Before the end of summer, we were begging to hear tunes such as “Blaze On” and that is the band we all fell in love with. I think where the band took its biggest step last summer, in this era, was the consistency of shows. 

They suffered very few if any let downs while each city, they left jaws on the floor.
   I believe the stars are aligned for a summer that will live in infamy. They have been in the studio creating music together for a vast majority of the last six months. They also bought CK5 a bunch of new toys for him to show off. Lastly, everything is in perfect rhythm. Trey has finally learned how to jam sober, and the whole band has relearned to play with a Trey that listens first and jams second. I personally agree and my editor concurs, that is where all that pulling of the ripcord shit stemmed from. It's had to be an incredible task to relearn to play Phish’s music sober. I've been seeing this band since 1993, in my opinion, there has never been a time when they have listened to each other more musically. Any fan of this band knows when everything is aligned, there is no another band that can achieve what Phish does musically. So get ready to hear less covers and more hard-jamming fresh Phish. Fasten your seatbelts and grab your extras because this summer will define 3.0 and beyond.

By: Kevin (It's Still Deer Creek to Me) Long
Edited by: Greg (Looking for Owls...) Heffelfinger