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Tuesday, June 28

Phish turns it on for the Philadelphia fans and Everyone Got a Dose

Phish turns it on for the Philadelphia fans and rock out the MANN on the first night.
The Phish came rolling into Philadelphia's MANN Center after a night off and a weather scare at Deer Creek. The original weather reports had some fans worried for tonight's show to but they seem to have skated through. As the fans, at home, as well as in the venue cheered, that chord rang out. You know the one. The one that can only lead you to scream the foul King of Prussia's name, WILSON! It was a short opener into a high octane "Funky Bitch" that Mike sang but I have to say that Page had all my attention. The chairman of the boards was on fire this evening.  One of the songs that seem to have stuck around from last tour got the call next for a nice type-1 jam "No Man in No Man's Land" which led nicely to a mellow "Roggae" that Mike owned and Trey just could circle Gordo's lead into a cool down. "Nellie Kane" got the call next and maybe Trey felt hose-blocked so he got to play as many notes as his little bluegrass heart desired during the classic cover.  After a clean start, " Gumbo" started pouring out of the speakers.  The song just roiled and boiled and bubbled until it slowed way down and turned into "Birds of a Feather". I have to admit I don't like this song, so we'll move on but it was well-played. The next two, one a debut and one I've heard live twice called "Sleep Again", came out after 224 shows and still didn't recognize it. For the record, the debut was, "Things People Do". After the dirty funk of "Gumbo" and the rock of "Birds of a Feather", "Limb by Limb", a safe choice but was followed up by a "Split Open and Melt" which I think was the first one of the tour but I'm not the stats guy, I just know it was half hose and half atonal bliss. Then the notes of the Oh Kee Pah invited Ms. Greenberg onto the stage, against Dr.'s orders, but was a hot way to end the set.
The first second set "Fuego" opener I've personally heard took us out into the ether, getting very exploratory before it dropped into "Runaway Jim" and we know where that dog goes. The jam got wild and woolly and was just exactly perfect when it morphed into "Gotta Jiboo" which brought the team together and we even got a little taste of Trey's digital delay before it slipped back into the beautiful groove. The lava was flowing through the aisles and Trey decided to play "Breath and Burning" again which might be the first time I've heard a new song played consecutive nights, but I could be wrong. I'm not sure about but the crowd was and when the insistent drums of "Timber (Jerry)" started the lava started streaming out of the speakers. When you knew this show was going up in the win column, was when the first delicate notes of "Slave to the Traffic Light" started shining. After a nice solid rendering, I'm sure the next tune was no surprise to many at the MANN tonight. That's right, nice and subtle, "You Enjoy Myself" makes it tour debut. Boy, man it was a smoking one too. Fishman took a nice long trip around his kit, including the marimbas. The epic left it's trail along the stage as the band creeped toward the encore. A "weight-y" vocal jam yodeled and howled it's way into the record books.  Following the theme of a cover for the last song of the night this tour, the band busted out a playful "Quinn (the Eskimo)"

Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

Tuesday, 06/28/2016
The Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

[1] Debut.
[2] With Trey on Marimba Lumina.
· The Birds quote in Birds of a Feather

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