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Wednesday, June 22

.Phish opens the Summer Tour with Bust Outs galore, which led to a fun but choppy start to tour.

Phish opens the Summer Tour with Bust Outs galore, which led to a fun but choppy start to tour. 

Phish open their Summer Tour in Minnesota and in true Phish fashion they rewarded the fans that went off the beaten path. If you went straight to Chicago Phish made you pay with a bust out filled first set. They wasted little time with the bust outs as the opener "Pigtail" was played for the first time since 2010. Then it got ridiculous with rare versions of " Daniel Saw the Stone", "Round Room" and just to stuff the stats, the first "Dear Prudence" since 1994's famed Halloween show. They kept the jamming in the first set close to the cuff although the closer "Walls of the Cave" covered some territory. 
      The second set started with a straight forward "Mike's Song" , "I am Hydrogen" into "Weekapaug Groove". That was followed by the thrilling (irony) " Bouncing Around the Room". They left the script briefly in "Ghost" until Trey steered into "The Line". Phish might not have jammed like some prefer but they were not done with the bust outs as "I Found a Reason" found its way onto another setlist amazingly, since it's Halloween debut as well. "No Men in No Man's Land" and the rare second half "Bathtub Gin" were brilliant as Phish teased what's in store this summer. They encored with "Water in the Sky" and a "Character Zero" to complete an unusual tour opener. But Summer Tour has started and that's all that really matters.
Written by: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg (so much for the "very few covers theory" Heffelfinger

Thanks Phish .net for Setlist. 

Link Wednesday, 06/22/2016
Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN

Soundcheck: Bouncing Around the Room, The Dogs, Pigtail, Unknown song (Trey vocals), Unknown song (Mike vocals), Unknown bluegrass song, Shade, Yarmouth Road, Heavy Things (partial), Halfway To The Moon, Yarmouth Road Jam
Encore: Water in the Sky, Character Zero
· The Little Drummer Boy tease in Ghost
· Magilla tease in Simple
Average Song Gap90.48
Notes: This show featured multiple bustouts: Pigtail (last played December 28, 2010, or 195 shows), Daniel Saw the Stone (last played June 30, 2012, or 140 shows), Dear Prudence (last played October 31, 1994, or 796 shows), Round Room (last played January 1, 2011, or 192 shows), Uncle Pen (last played August 31, 2012, or 123 shows), and I Found A Reason (last played October 31, 1998, or 493 shows). Trey teased The Little Drummer Boy in Ghost. Page teased Magilla in Simple.