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Saturday, June 25

Phish Lay Down the Grooves at the Second Night at Wrigley Field Taking No Prisoners with the return of "Fluffhead"

Phish continues to lay down the grooves at historic Wrigley Field and all the fans can do is surrender to the flow.

Phish kicked off the last night of the two night stand with a short, funky "Moma Dance" before jump starting the crowd with an "AC/DC Bag" that rocked from out of the gate and let Trey cut loose a little, after Page led the team through the opener.  Then the band slithered into "555", which was well-played but nothing crazy. Then, the duo of, "Waiting All Night" and "Heavy Things" brought the energy down a little but Page was raging and Trey was showing off that tasteful, restrained soloing he's added to his arsenal and it was well-played all around. The band then took a moment to sing "Happy Birthday" to the tour manager, Richard Glasgow" after Trey commented on a sign some phan's had held up. Following that was when the set took off. The band threw down with a raging "46 Days" with an especially strong showing from Mr. Fishman.  The band then took a break for" I Didn't Know" and allowed the mvp his vacuum solo. They picked back up with a standard but very well executed, "Divided Sky" which they followed with what seemed to be the set closer, "Cavern" but a rare flub, on par with the "Reba" flub at Festival 8, Fish blew a transition and the whole band just stopped and Fishman stood up and took a bow as the crowd cheered. Because of this or in spite of this, they raged out a rare "Good Times, Bad Times" set closer.
     The second half kicked off with a "Carini" that soon went into the deep end of the pool and a "Tweezer" came swimming back up. Then, after a nice, type-2 jam, who should come out to play? Our long lost friend, "Fluffhead" back again after almost two years, played note-perfect, to an appreciative, blissed-out audience. Fluff went home and out came "Piper" with a deep, dark, bottom of the ocean jam. This "Piper" was just starting to hit a sticky funk but the boys decided to release some "Steam". This show is easily the best of the tour and only bodes well for the rest of the tour. Following a standard, "Wading in the Velvet Sea" The boys decided to call on Mr. Hood and "Harry Hood" was executed beautifully before dropping into "Tweezer Reprise" to close the set.  After a surprising " I am the Walrus" encore, which makes two Beatle songs in two cities, for those counting.
This show is hands down the show of the tour so far. Every song flowed together and the jams were dark and funky and phishy and to know that "Fluffhead" finally came out is enough for this reviewer but they piled so much more on top. Now, on to Deer Creek. 

Written by: Greg Heffelfinger

Set 1: The Moma Dance, AC/DC Bag> 555, Waiting All Night, Heavy Things, Happy Birthday, 46 Days, I Didn't Know, Divided Sky, Cavern> Good Times, Bad Times 

Set 2: Carini> Tweezer> Fluffhead> Piper-> Steam > Wading in the Velvet Sea, Harry Hood> Tweezer Reprise

Encore: I am the Walrus

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