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Wednesday, June 29

Phish Blazes On at the MANN for the second night

Phish Blazes on at the MANN for the second night.

Phish played their little hearts out again at the MANN tonight. 
With a Wolfman's opener, they kicked things off. It was a good set with a nice long Mike's including "Horn" and "Farmhouse". They also played the nice, slow, funky version of "Llama" and a new song, "Waking Up Dead". Which I can totally relate to the title.

I just don't really have the heart to put into this review because the loss of Rob Wasserman has hit me especially hard. I met him at the Scaring the Children shows in SF and he was such a nice guy, in addition to him being a intuitive and amazing musician.

The second half had a Crosseyed & Painless" opener that led into a long jam that touched on a lot of different places before landing on a new song," Friends".  Then the unmistakable rumble of "Down with DIsease" led into a slow jam that turned into a funky "What's the Use" and then the set just took a dive. The "Meatstick"  and the "Line" which I like, but then came a song called "Tide Turns" and it led into "Backwards Down the Number Line"  the show won't be making any best of lists, in my opinion. The follow-up of "Dem Bones" was one of those weird Phish moments that you'd have to see. I remember my mom singing me that song as a child. That was a weird addition to the set. They definitely turned it around for the encore of "Dear Prudence" and "Harry Hood" but leaving i still feel the first night was the champion of the run. It would be great to see "Dear Prudence" make it into regular rotation and who knows, there's still a lot of tour left to put on the books.

Written by: Greg Heffelfinger


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