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Tuesday, June 14

On This Date in 1995 Phish blew me Away with Historic Show Containing a 54 Minute Tweezer.,

On This Date in 1995 Phish blew my Mind with an Historic show Containing a 54 Minute Tweezer. Link included. 

I usually do not partake in this day in (Insert Favorite Band) history. It feels like click bait and I don't need it. But when I came across Jambase's article about this date in history my mind was blown. I decided to share my story about this special show. 

We had just finished the first leg of Grateful Dead summer tour about a week earlier. Following the early Grateful Dead Sunday show, we left immediately from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho. Phish was kicking off their Summer Tour in a High School gymnasium in Boise. From there, we could follow Phish to Salt Lake, then Red Rocks, and to Memphis before we got our young asses back on Grateful Dead tour. Boise was akin to a musical shot of adrenaliner. Hopscotching from GD tour to a Phish show in 1995 was the only way to travel, but that first Phish show after a run of Dead shows was an adjustment in many ways. Red Rocks was great, but I personally along with history grades the 95 run kindly. We were all from Memphis or we would have gone to Highgate with the Dead. But going home to unload tour goodies, laundry, sleep in our own beds' and a Phish show was too much for our caravan to deny. 
     Phish always rewards fans in the best ways. On this night, they executed improvisatory perfection as Trey led the boys through the longest “Tweezer” ever. Make little mistake this version varies greatly from Tahoe. This was the Trey Tweezer and his guitar spoke to my young soul that night. What a perfect memory! The first set smokes as well, including the extremely rare "Spock's Brain". One of the friends I witnessed this musical achievement with passed away many years ago. We miss and love you Dennis. “Gone are the days we stopped to decide”. 
By Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger (also at this show and that show "left a smoking crater of my mind")

Stream an audience recording of Phish’s “Mud Island Tweezer” from this date in 1995:

06/14/1995 Mud Island Amphitheater

Encore: Simple[3],  Rocky Top >  Tweezer Reprise
[1] Without microphones.
[2] 50+ minutes; whistling.
[3] A cappella ending.