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Wednesday, June 15

FINALLY! "The Phish Companion: A Guide To The Band & Their Music Vol. 3" (PhishBase) is Available for Purchase.

FINALLY! "The Phish Companion: A Guide To The Band and Their Music Vol. 3  (PhishBase) is Available for purchase

  After a twelve year wait, The Mockingbird Foundation has released the much anticipated third volume of "The Phish Companion: A Guide To The Music and The Band". I have always referred to it as the PhishBase, because it follows a similar pattern and includes so much data, (as does DeadBase) about the respective bands. Does anybody remember the Pharmer's Almanac?  Sorry, I am showing my age.
    These 898 pages of gooey Phish information will end most arguments. It follows the band from its formative years in Vermont all the way to the present. It includes shows, setlists, concert posters, fan reviews and never before seen photos; among tons of other goodness. 
     Marco Walsh, who is the Mockingbird Foundation President and co-editor, expressed that with this volume of the book, they take this volume from the bathroom to the coffee table. In this new edition, they tell Phish's story in full color and strive to reach fans on many levels. I still find the best place for these particular must-haves is, in fact, the bathroom. Although his sentiments were not lost on me. 
   The hardcover book is available for purchase at All the proceeds will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation. It is a Phish fan run charity, who's mission is to keep music and art programs alive for children. They publish a phenomenal book (PhishBase) and more importantly accomplish magic with the proceeds. It's a win, win situation for any Phish fan. 
By: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger