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Friday, June 17

Elephant Revival escaped as thier tour bus goes up in Flames this morning.

Elephant Revival escaped  as thier  tour bus goes up in Flames this morning. 

Nobody tells a story better than those that lived it. Here is what Elephant Revival posted on FB. 

Greetings friends....  We are writing to let you all know that we are safe and sound this morning.  An electrical fire ignited in the back of the bunk room.  Luckily, we were already parked at the venue in North Carolina.  It all happened very quickly, while some of us were sleeping and some of us were waking.  A chorus of voices yelled smoke, as the initial flames encroached upon Daniel's feet in the back lower bunk.  Within two minutes, black smoke billowed through the windows as the interior of the bus went up in flames.

We are so appreciative for this life, our family and friends, and each other.  Thank you to the Red Cross, the fire department and the good people of Hickory.  We've lost much in terms of material possessions and instruments of the trade, yet we remain grateful.