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Friday, June 17

Dead and Company deliver the goods at Deer Creek. Including A "Black Muddy River" Encore. Setlist; Recap

Dead and Company deliver the goods at Deer Creek. Setlist & Recap

 Dead and Company continued their onslaught of classics this summer at the famed venue Deer Creek. The Jerry-filled set got off to a rocking start with a bluesy "Minglewood".  Most of the set was filled with classic songs that are usually showcased in the first set. The most powerful one, two punch of the set was the underplayed, Bobby classic, "Black Throated Wind", into the song that first hooked Mayer on The Grateful Dead, "Althea" and this band always performs a smoking version and tonight was no different. The first half came to a majestic end with an exploratory "Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance" sandwich to the delight of the crowd. 
 The second set got off to an improvisatory start with the coveted "Dark Star" that was played beautifully. Bobby displayed patience as every member of the band shined during this musical rollercoaster. The set then took a right turn into Dylan's "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall". "Saint Stephen" followed a much improved "He's Gone" and a rousing version of "New Speedway Boogie" and took the show into the Drums and Space segment with renewed vigor. Space melted into "Looks Like Rain" in its new power balled spot. I love the tune in the new slot of the set and always wished The Grateful Dead would have played it in the second set. The show ended with a heartfelt "Going Down The Road Feeling Bad" but the gem was saved for the encore. Dead and Company sent everyone home content with a magical "Black Muddy River" encore. This band is only getting better and they will fucking play anything. Summer Tour marches on.

Written by: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger 

Set I 
New Minglewood Blues 
Cumberland Blues 
Ramble On Rose 
Black Throated Wind
Lost Sailor >
St. Of Circumstance
Set 2
Dark Star >
A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
He's Gone 
New Speedway Boogie 
St Stephen >
Drums >
Looks Like Rain >
Going Down The Road
Encore: Black Muddy River