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Sunday, June 12

Dead and Company Bring out Donna and Some Serous Heat for Two Charged Up Sets that left Bonnaroo Breathless. Setlists, Recap

Dead and Company Bring out Donna and Some Serous Heat for Two Charged Up Sets that left Bonnaroo Breathless.

    In front of nearly one hundred thousand live attendees at the farm and countless other heads streaming around the world.  Dead and Company made a musical statement that can't be questioned or answered, just marveled and enjoyed.
     The Dead and Company closed out the headliners on Sunday night with two jam packed sets. Former Grateful Dead bandmate, Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay, joined the band early to help John on vocals during “Bertha”. The first set got off to a rousing start with “Truckin” before being led into the first bust out of the night. The tune took the form of the rare blues number “Smokestack Lightning” as the band delivered a memorable rendition of this classic Pigpen jam. The first set was filled with jams aplenty and included a “Bird Song” sandwich that felt legendary, also included a "Shakedown" and a "Passenger" for good measure.
      The second set wasted no time with improvisation, front and center, as Mayer kicked off the second half with an adventurous”Help on the Way”.  It soared before it settled into a spirited”Slipknot” it explored territories that the song has never visited. Then the ever elusive Help>Slip>Scarlet erupted and the music played the band. The “Terrapin Station” that followed the “Fire on the Mountain” was amazing historic music, but we are way past that now. Oteil led this band in and out of one euphoric jam into another adventure, time and time again. This night could only have one song evolve out of Space and that was “That's it for The Other One”. Mayer’s guitar work was uncanny during this psychedelic experience just like the roller coasters that preceded it. A touching "Wharf Rat" was executed perfectly before the "Franklin's Tower" finished off this dream set. Bobby spoke some much needed truth before the fitting encore of "Touch of Grey". 

By: Kevin Long
Edited by:Greg Heffelfinger

Jam >
Truckin’ >
Smokestack Lightning
Bertha * >
Playing In The Band * >
Bird Song * >
Tennessee Jed
Shakedown Street *
Passenger * >
Bird Song
Casey Jones 
* w/special guest – Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay on vocals!
Set 2
*Scarlet Begonias>Slipknot>*Fire on the Mountain
*Terrapin Station>
The Other One>
Wharf Rat>
Franklin's Tower
Encore: Touch of Grey