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Wednesday, June 1

Breaking News! Bernie Worrell Will Join the Claypool Lennon Delirium onJune 17-19 @The Ledges at the Quarry. Also A Link For Bernie's Go Fund Me Page!

Hi Breaking News! Bernie Worrell Will Join the Claypool Lennon Delirium on June 17-19 @The Ledges at the Quarry. 

     Bernie Worrell as many in our community know is a beautiful soul and has stage 4 Lung Cancer. He is literally playing with a Tumor so big his family released a statement saying he could not talk. But he is playing every gig he can not for his wonderful life, but for his family's financial future and medical bills. Claypool and Bernie played in a few different funky bands together. My favorite being Les, Buckethead and Bernie, that band was so funky that the grooves would cause me to lose my balance. 

     Claypool Lennon Delirium's album is interesting in a Claypool way. I was definitely planning on covering them on their massive tour. But these shows are going to beyond specifically special. The money is part of it but I have had the sincere  honor of hanging with Bernie and he is one of the most brilliant, but humble men I have ever met. 
His Go Fund Me page is a disgraceful. We give more for average bands to make another mediocre album. Bernie invented Parliament Funk and then played with the craziest white guys. David Bryne to Buckethead to Steve Kimock. I am Guilty as well. Let's all give! He is truly selfless.

Kevin Long 
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