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Friday, June 10

BONNAROO 2016: More than 100 arrested, cited in first few hours.

 BONNAROO  2016: More than 100 arrested, cited in first few hours. 

Same as it Ever Was.....
     The Tennessean is already reporting over 100 arrests and Bonnaroo has barely begun. That stat was given around 2 p.m yesterday after a few hours of the festival. It is not clear if they count the kids they arrest just driving there. "The arrests, Knott said many were made overnight, included disorderly conducts and illegal possession of controlled substances including harder drugs like LSD and Molly." 

"Law enforcement overseeing the 15th annual Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tenn. said Thursday that they've cited and arrested more than 100 people less than one day into the event."

Last year they only made 75 arrests the whole festival. This year seems to be a different story as they eclipsed last year's arrests in a few hours. When asked about medical emergencies Knott was quoted,

"We've been lucky we haven't had any so far, but we are on guard because of the expected high temps and heat expected Saturday and Sunday," Knott said. "If you're out here, please, please, please stock up on fluids and stay hydrated, folks."

By mid-afternoon Thursday, temperatures had already reached 86 degrees and were expected to climb to the low 90s.Nashville National Weather Service forecasters say temps could top out at about 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.

This could be the year I always feared at the farm. I just hope they don't ruin to many futures of the kids niave enough to think they were welcomed in Tennessee

By: Kevin Long