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Thursday, June 16

Beanstalk Festival was a massive success as The Magic Beans and musical friends brought the magic leading to a beatific experience

Beanstalk Festival was a massive success as The Magic Beans and musical friends brought the magic leading to a beatific experience.

Hidden at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Range, beneath the star illuminated sky and at the base of some of Colorado's most breathtaking 14'ers, local Colorado jam band, The Magic Beans, hosted a party that was a road map on the way to throw a festival.. This year the band decided to host its 4th rendition of Beanstalk Festival at a new location in the tiny Western-esque town of Westcliffe, CO, straying away from the previous site of State Bridge, CO. Despite this year's lower attendance than past years at State Bridge, the band assembled a festival with so many intimate, mind- bending sets, that every attendee is now happily awaiting the return to Westcliffe next year.

The Magic Beans played every night, with 2 enormous sets on the main stage from 12-2 on Friday and Saturday, capped off with a Sunday nightbanger from 9-12 in the smaller barn stage, ending the festival on a high note.. Not a single person walked out of that barn on Sunday night without a smile on their face and hugs and high fives in abundance. Never miss a Sunday show continued to stay true to its expectations, with The Magic Beans furiously taking charge. 

Per tradition, The Magic Beans brought out past members Hunter Welles, Josh Applebaum, and Will Trask to join in the fun throughout the weekend with their TEAM BEAN family. 

The act that truly stole the show this weekend was The Main Squeeze, powering through 2 different sets of originals, and a Sunday afternoon set full of original Motown classics, highlighting the love and joy that musicians like the Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder have handed down to the musical community. Other highlights of the weekend were a late night performance by CIA including Allen Aucoin of the Disco Biscuits. Newly reunited powerhouse RAQ from New England, Bozeman, MT string extraordinaires The Kitchen Dwellers, and then Electron added a massive set to close out the main stage on Sunday with Marc Brownstein and Aaron Magner of the Disco Biscuits, Tommy Hamilton of JRAD and American Babies, and Mike Greenfield of Lotus. 

The intimacy of the festival provided a sense of serenity that will not and cannot be replaced. The festival seemed like a big family get-together, with friends uniting from near and far, and our favorite Colorado band hosting the party of the year. If anyone knows how to throw a party it's The Magic Beans, and I would not miss out on any party they host coming up. Upcoming Magic Beans events include, a Phish Chicago after party, at The Hard Rock Cafe alongside Tommy Hamilton's American Babies, and a Boulder, Dead and Company, pre-party at the illustrious Boulder Theater FOR FREE July 1st

Special shoutout to the Team Bean crew for hosting such an incredible weekend of music and we can't wait to see what the party has in store for next summer! Until next time, we can look back on being in one of 16 communities with zero light pollution in the nation, and anxiously await stargazing at Colorado's finest music and arts festival next summer!
Words and Photos by : Sam Berenson
Edited by Greg