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Tuesday, June 14

Authorities Really Proud of Themselves after Shooting a Large-ish Fish in a Tiny Barrel at Bonnaroo. "And the kids they dance and shake their bones and the politicians throwing stones"

Authorities in Tennessee are Really Proud of Themselves after Shooting a Large-ish Fish in a Tiny Barrel at Bonnaroo.

 Thursday at 2 p.m the arrest numbers had already eclipsed those numbers of the last three entire Boonnaroo's festivals with the largest being 76 arrests last year.
So, sadly, I was not surprised when they caught a couple of big naive fish. These two kids could have easily been myself, twenty years ago. Trevor Franklin Watson lll and Brian Anthony Wiley both in their twenties and from Chattanooga, ruined their lives over the weekend. 
     Local Deputies were tipped off (snitched on) about two men selling large amount of drugs to those in attendance. Coffee County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Lucky Knott (I could not make up these names) released a report through ABC 13 news: Because if it's not televised, it didn't happen, in the law enforcement world. "Deputies found Wiley to be in possession of 202 jars of THC oil, weighing about 15 milliliters; two bags of mushrooms, weighing about 7 grams each; three bags with about 60 panes of blotter acid (what's a pane of blotter acid, a sheet?) ; 241 bags of about 120.5 grams of what is believed to be Ketamine; 22 bags of a white powdery substance weighing about 144.5 grams of what is believed to be cocaine; six Xanax bars; and 220 bags weighing about 1,210 grams of a green plant-like material believed to be marijuana." 

"Watson was found to be in possession of six bottles containing 15 milliliters of THC oil; 10 bags of a green plantlike material weighing about 20 grams believed to be marijuana; two grams of a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine; four Molly capsules; 14 bags of a crystal substance weighing about 14 grams of a substance believed to be Molly; and 13 bags of a powdery substance weighing about 13 grams believed to be Ketamine."
Both Watson and Wiley are being held on bond until they are arraigned. Hey brother, with the quarter million bond, take both charges and the War on Drugs will only ruin one life. 
    I don't think they should be let go without paying a punishment. Selling drugs on that level is unacceptable. On the other hand, so is throwing a music festival every year, known for it's lackadaisical attitude towards drug use, and pulling over and searching cars for being guilty of nothing but being young and attending your festival. "Wait until that deal comes down, don'cha let that deal go down."
By: Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger (To have that much coke, that sounds like a very small amount of xanax) *editors' opinion

*Thanks to Liveforlivemusic for the numbers for this story.