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Thursday, May 19

Warren Zevon Started One of the Most Genuine Musical Careers Ever. May 18, 1976: Warren Zevon Releases Self-Titled Album

UpWarren Zevon Started One of the Most Genuine Musical Careers Ever, 40 years today. On May 18, 1976: Warren Zevon Releases Self-Titled Album. 
  We are lucky that Jackson Browne was a popular 70's singer/songwriter. I am not a big fan of his music but he was the first musician that was mesmerized by the brutally dark honest lyrics and classical background of Warren Zevon. He was not the last as Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and even Keith Richard can't deny the excitable boy's genius. Zevon's first record was an accomplished masterpiece. A natural does not need to learn the business to let his twisted humour and many inner demons shared painful lyrics that the songs healed the the wounds they cause. He reeked universal truths, just as he understood his character flaws. Instead of denial he used his tortured life as a wonderful muse until his hurt resembled equal parts Hemingway and a homless lunatic. 
     Even though that was his self titled record it was not his first studio effort. In 1969 he released "Wanted Dead or Alive" to little to no fanfare. He was playing piano for The Isley Brothers when Jackson Browne convinced him that his talent was meant to be up front and centered. 
     It did not hurt Browne produced his record that would make him more than a rock star. It turned an addict into a artist with a cult following. Linda Ronstadt was more than a fan as she covered over half of the songs off his self titled record. While Linda made hits out of Poor Poor Pitiful Me', 'Desperados Under the Eaves' and 'Carmelita'. Hunter S. Thompson was a bigger fan than the 70's songbird that sang his sad tunrs with just enough grace she hide all his pain and brutally honest lyrics. 
      A few years later he recorded the top ten record "Excitable Boy" and a fascinating human was discovered who happened to sing for a living. His visits on Dave Letterman's Late Night show are legendary. Warren and David Bowie both released their swan song albums both two days before they succumbed to Cancet. Ironically,  Zevon would not live to see his first Grammy Award as a performer. Just like Bowie's "BlackStar" it is a mastspiece as well. David Bowie gave us a gift by keeping his sickness a secret. Warren Zevon was sacred shirtless and he made sure everybody knew that his shit was fucked up. While Bowie's last record was dark and dances with occultism references. I believe" The Wind" was Warren's most uplifting and positive of all his records. He had lived a lifetime in addition and sin. His death completed a perfect circle that will be complete when he is inducted to the Hall of Fame, where his legacy will be on display alongside his adoring fans achievements.