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Friday, May 27

Vertex To Take Advantage of The Surreal Surroundings Offering Special "Field Trip" tickets to discover the wonders of nature, or a round of golf or disc golf.

Vertex To Take Advantage of The Surreal Surroundings Offering Special "Field Trip" tickets to discover the wonders of nature.

   In a brilliant move motivated, one can only presume, because Arise Music Festival's aggressive plans to incorporate nature transforming your festival experience this year. Vertex is offering in addition to the music passes. They are selling varying degrees of "Field Trips". They are morning outdoor activities separate  from the music. They have many packages for all level of enthusiasm covered. If you're an avid walker and would love to go on a morning hike (I ain't the one) or maybe rafting down the river is more your speed. If like myself, you would love and have always fantasized about playing a round of golf in the morning to clear your head, they even have a package for disc golf, it's called the stereotypical music festival "Field Trip".( It's not called that really).  In the competitive and lucrative market of modern day music festivals it's all business.  Unless your LOCK'N or the Holy Trinity, in today's competitive climate any year could be your last. We all have witnessed established festivals disappearing faster than the honey bee.
     Music festivals' ,especially new ones, akin to Vertex are under immense pressure to form an identity apart from the music. It needs to become an event with music to thrive.          
     I was not only disappointed that Vertex picked the exact weekend as Arise to have their inaugural event. I was also confused because it did not make much business sense. Arise is established and have had their tickets and advertising campaign on blast for months.Even though it sucks Vertex is the same weekend as Arise this year they both will have to keep raising their game every year to get our attention and money.
 There are advantages to having a little friendly competition. It always benefits the consumer in the end.  I have a feeling with both festivals being in the green state of Colorado both are fortunate to have established and experience teams running the operations. So the festival future looks bright a mile high with more on the way. Grateful Music will cover both festivals. Maybe we will meet you in the pouring rain. That would be Something!
By; Kevin
Edited by:Greg