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Tuesday, May 31

The Prophets of Rage are Real and Play thier Debut Show Tonight

The Prophets of Rage are Real and Play thier Debut Show Tonight. 

  Where there is smoke you usually find fire. In this case an inferno awaits, all the reports we're correct and Prophets of Rage are officially the angriest supergroup of all time. Chuck D of Public Enemy, Tom Morello, Tim Commerfied, and Brad Wilk of Rage against the Machine. Are joining front man B-Real of Cypriss Hill with D.J Lord rounding out this motley crew. 
    Tom Morrello was quoted in Rolling Stone saying "we are no super group". They claim to be an elite task force of revolutionary musicians who are motivated to kill all this political bullshit and attack it head on. (Parprased)
    Tonight's show will be at the infamous Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles. I think it's safe to say they will have mostly fresh material. This could just be the kick in the balls the music industry needs or it could be a complete Trainwreck. But it will be real and that's more than most radio bands can say. It's safe to say Disney did not write thier lyrics. Look for more Dates in August. 
Kevin Long