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Wednesday, May 18

The Guardian Web Magazine Published a Candid Interview with Bob Weir. He literally has more plans than a kid. Here our a few of my favorite quotes from an amped up Booby. Plus link to full Interview.

The Guardian Web Magazine Interviewed Bobby and He Literally has Plans to Keep him Busy for Another 50 years.
   The Guardian caught Bobby in a joveal mood as he was animated during the relentless questions. Here are a few of my favorite quotes and my thoughts about them. Here is a link to complete interview

1Weir " I AM Nowhere Done With Our Legacy".
         This could be a good sign, see how it feels in the end. K.L 

2 WEIR: “It’s not [John Mayer's] playing that impressed me; it’s his ears. He listens and responds, and that’s what our music is about,” he said. “No, he doesn’t play a lot like [the Grateful Dead’s late founding member] Jerry [Garcia], and I hope he doesn’t. It’s a new approach, a new color, and I can still hear Jerry when we’re playing anyway. That will always be.”. 
  He sounded closer to Jerry than Bobby realizes, but it's poetic that he always heard Jerry. 
3 Wier "I have kids, and I want them to grow up in a world of people that they can talk to"
     No Shit and it may be to late. K.L

4 Wier "

 I love it! No more politically correct core four shitty responses. Bobby deserves to laugh all the way to the bank. You must read the complete piece Bobby's is writing a book and a Children's book. I think he is planning to walk on water, but I am probably being sarcastic. Long Live Bobby Weir!