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Thursday, May 5

The First Pressings of Bowie's Brilliant Final Act Blackstar's RecordCover Changes From Black to Sparkles. The definition of art should bechanged to Bowie!

The First Pressings of Bowie's Brilliant Final Act Blackstar's Record Cover Changes From a Black Star to a Crowded Galaxy. The definition of art should be changed to simply Bowie!

   It's been roughly six months since David Bowie's death and his final artistic explosion. In hindsight, I was foolish to think David would ever rest in peace. Apparently "Blackstar" is a gift that still is revealing secrets six months later. To the amazement of all his fans yesterday Blackstar made another statement. The photo below explains how this secret from the grave revealed itself and may have redifined "BlackStar's" meaning and tone. 

It almost if Bowie knew he would have company in the afterlife this year and he wanted to remind us mortals that he is not limited by our shortcomings and has no equal. Even is son was surprised by his late dad's antics with this tweet.
David Bowie's legacy and art will never be forgotten, but I think in Death he is still in control of his future. After all he is BlackStar! What does this mean to all the occult connections and theories? I don't know, but they just got more intriguing. I bet the loud majority who critiqued the design of the cover as plain or boring are busy being assholes behind some keyboard today. Rest In Power BlackStar! 
Kevin Long