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Wednesday, May 25

"Day of the Dead" has its moments but collapses under its sheer size. A Review of "Day of the Dead"

 There are plenty of moments of sheer brilliance. It's may be Worth A listen but it's so incosistant it was a brain scramble. It took me four day and it was the best of times and worst of times while I listened to more ups and downs then the stock market.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       IT is as intimatading as reading WAR and Peace, but unlike the famous novel. Day of The Dead can be listened to without seasons changing. I would be lying if at times I wished to be put out of my misery. So many bands I never heard of nor can even recall a few days later, singing the most personal Jerry songs'.The artist trusted for balled may be un fathomable twenty five percent of the time. In bad taste another forty percent of the time. I mean who are some of these artist? Did they turn anybody down? I only enjoy good music and I am old. It still is worth it for the dozen revolunary versions of timeless tunes turned on thier heads. BBC RADIO 6 Music just named it album of the day. I am not sure if its because it will take up a magority of it or they actually enjoy it. Whatever your opinion is, truth is Future Dead Heads around the world are hearing "Morning Dew and Dark Star" for the first time and that is goddamn American. I wish I heard Loverboy cover Cassidy or Looks Like Rain when I was seven. The most disappointing aspect is the remainder of the album is bloody brilliant.  Hornsby contributed the best version of "Black Muddy River" on a studio album period. The Flaming Lips take on Dark Star is nothing like you would expect, but mind blows you all the same. The Crown jewel of this release is The National turning Morning Dew on its head and still managing to deliver a hypnotic heart wrenching experaince that left me breathless. Overall, I think it's worth a listen but not the money. A project so large needs to recoupe it's studio time and that expensive. In my opinion it was way to ambitious and it's always a surprise every song. The song order is worse than a Furthur Setlist. If Ms. Gump  compared it to a box of chocolates you would begin to fear what you get. When is all said and done the Grass is much greener on our side of the hill and less crowded.                          on The Idea and song list
C- because the lack of consistency and the song list. For a generous generous C.                                       © 2016 Grateful Music LLC