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Friday, May 6

Pink Floyd's Entire Musical Library Will Soon Be Available on Vinyl forthe First Time in 20 Years.

Pink Floyd's Entire Musical Library Will Soon Be Available on Vinyl for the First Time in 20 Years.  
    The second coming of the Record Revolution has just gone plaid. Beginning June 3rd a process that is scheduled to last throughout the year. Pink Floyd Records will offer fresh Vinyl pressings of every album in arguably the best catalog of music from any era. They will roll out in groups of four, starting in chronological order. Pink Floyd's 1967 masterpiece "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" will begin the reissues along with the following three ending with 1969 Ummagumma".Every record will be reissued on 180G Vinyl. The process is expected to last the year. If all goes according to plan "The Division Bell Directors Cut" will be spinning in time for the holidays. I assume they will stick with the title "Endless River". It's comforting that Gilmour and Waters can agree on something. Even if it's just another pile of money without having to be in the same room. As Vinly heads rejoice this exciting news. My mind immediately jumps to the housing bubble and even more relevant when every bodies Baseball card collection turned worthless seemingly overnight. Iconic bands are cashing in, hopefully younger bands can find a way to generate revenue in the current Vinly resurgence. I fear that is a pipe dream. I can't imagine today's youth picking a more expensive way to listen to music that's cost way more. I am just waiting for the Record price guide. If hearing Eugene with an Axe with the same technology that existed when it was originally released is your thing. Then save me a push chasing that first listen. No word if they will glow or be a square.  
Words:Kevin Long