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Wednesday, May 18

Electric Forest Preview June 23-26 Rothbury, MI

June is rapidly approaching and for festival goers that can only mean one thing... Electric Forest is right around the corner! 4 days in a magical forest with a variety of artists ranging from chill jam bands to powerful electronic beats. . In a little over a month Rothbury, Michigan will be flooded with music lovers from all over the country itching to enter the forest. Sherwood forest will host more than 100 acts and over 30,000 people. I have had the pleasure of going to several festivals including Hulaween and Okeechobee, but I am a virgin to the Electric Forest. Besides the beauty and wonder the mystical forest seems to offer its inhabitants, the lineup is incredible. The forest is dressed up with colorful lighting that turns the venue into a living art exhibit. Activities such as yoga, plays, golfing, an electricology program and a 60,000 square foot water park will be offered to the forest dwellers. (tickets availible at the shuttle stop) The musical talent ranges from  acts like Bassnectar all the way to Nahko and Medicine for the People. I picked 5 artists that I chose to discuss leading up to the fest.

1. Papadosio

Papadosio brings a melodic beauty that is amplified by an unrivaled improvisational journey.

2. Beats antique

Beats antique will take you to another land through an otherworldy sound.

3. Flosstradamus

Being from Chicago, I have a deep respect for Flosstradamus. Floss has gained a huge following with the EDM world with brain bashing trap beats that will keep your hearts pounding and feet moving.

4. The String Cheese Incident

SCI headlines the show and will play 3 shows. Cheese knows no boundaries. They can play anything.

5. Sts9

Sound tribe Sector 9 will play their "axe the cables" set which is sure to blow the minds of nearly every wookie in the forest. Sts9 are musical geniuses before anything else and listening to them play acoustic instruments this summer should be nothing short of epic.

As far as summer festivals go, my anticipation for the forest far exceeds all others. Seeing Sherwood forest lit up with decoration, music and conviviality is sure to move any person in attendance. I get the chills thinking about how amazing this event will be. The sounds echoing through Rothbury will reach so many of you beautiful people. See you there!

Words: Joshua Skolnik
Photos: Aaron Bradley
  © 2016 Grateful Music LLC