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Tuesday, May 24

Bob Dylan turns 75 today and Charlie Brown did not forget this year

Bob Dylan turns 75 today and Charlie Brown did not forget this year. 

PHOTO: Bob Dylan in a file photo dated from 1968-1969. PlayBettmann Archive
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Happy 75th Birthday to the Song Master Bob Dylan. Charlie Brown by way of his "Peanut's comic strip" surprised Dylan by being one of the first to wish the Tamporane Man Happy Birthday, since Dylan turned 30.

      St. Paul-raised Charles Schulz marked the occasion of Hibbing-raised Bob Dylan’s 30th birthday in Schulz’s popular daily “Peanuts” comic strip. In the comic strip 45 years ago Charlie Brown joked that he we’re grateful he’s gone on to live years north of Highway 61.             
WoW the most talented poet of our generation is getting wiser. If that is even possible as he is smarter than most historic brains. He did not invent flight or the light bulb. He accomplished a body of work more significant than most. His words will never  become dated. The lyrics so brilliant that he has to be a god. His vast amount of bravura songs is dumbfounding. I have seen him over 130 times since 08. I Plan On covering God soon. He is the last artist that makes me feel like and act like a 12 year old reaching for a double on my first date. I am not worthy to interview such a genius but I am fortunate enough to witness Perfection. His songs make me want to be a better human and his lyrics helped me discover real love and than they nursed me after she betrayed the only gift that matters, my trust. Yep, as I enter my mature years I discover new meanings of his albums. Bob Dylan's gift is timeless and anything less than a national treasure is an insult. Happy Birthday Bob! May you be forever young.  
By Kevin Long