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Wednesday, May 4

Agori Tribe to Hit the Road! The Only Good Thing I left Behind in Memphis Is a Band One Has To Witness.

Agori Tribe to Hit the Road! The Only Good Thing I left Behind in Memphis Is a Band One Has To Witness. 

  Illustration by Will Moss
Poster by John Church

 One of the hottest young bands in the country is hitting the road. Memphis may be in the middle of an economic and educational meltdown the likes only Detroit truly can understand, but the only consistent things about the city where I learned to talk the jive are crime and music. The same formula that invented Rock and Roll is still intact. The endless musical influences, ignorance, limited opportunities and anger still makes for some real music. Memphis's scene has turned into a melting pot, andAgori Tribe is a perfect example of the music that cannot be pigeon-holed into a genre or label. They are all that is magical about Memphis and what's sacred about a true tribe of talented artist that love each other as much as the music they create. They prove if you leave egos at the door that a band can accomplish a special vibe. Citing influences ranging from Herbie Hancock to Bob Marley and Shpongle to My Morning Jacket, Agori Tribe’s unique sound has been best described as “progressive psychedelic rock.” The band creates a musical soup with elements of blues, traditional rock, psychedelic rock, jazz, reggae and more to form songs that are structured so tight they resemble compositions. Agori Tribe likes to begin their pieces deceptively slow, leaving plenty of space for improvisation, so they can build the tunes into swirling frenzies of psychedelicrisks that pay off bigger than a penny slot at a dog track. The future as arrived and heading your way.  

Here are the dates in list form:


.  Here are the dates in list form:

6/10 Dave's Dark Horse Tavern, Starkville, MS
6/11 Round Table, Oxford, MS
6/17 Scruffy City Hall, Knoxville, TN*
6/18 One Stop, Asheville, NC^
6/24 Madsummer Meltdown 7, Schuylkill Haven, PA
6/25 Sehkraft Brewing, Arlington, VA#
6/28 Mousai Artist Coalition, Washington, DC

More Dates To Be Announced!

*supporting Tree Tops
^supporting The Strange Heat
#supporting Moogatu