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Wednesday, May 25

2016 Will Be Known As The Year of the Phish. Trey Talks Tour andtheirHighly Anticipated Stidio Release.

Phish to Debut New Material From the Nashville Recording Sessions. Which will Become Their 13th Studio Album. There is A Colossal Amount of Reasons to Expect A Lucky 13. 

       Rolling Stone in a new article broke the "No Shit Story" that we will soon be hearing new Phish songs this summer.I am already getting summer tour withdrawal systems out of my system, even though much of the physical symptoms of Phish fever are psychosomatic. But Trey did share his state of mind going into this summer. 
     Trey said after such a satisfying year with Fare Thee Well and then almost instantly jumping on Phish tour that by New Year's, he felt loose as a goose. Ironically, he compared how he felt to 1994 & 1995 and that was the the last time I had jumped from Dead tour and then directly to Phish tour as well. Trey said that Phish took all the positive energy into the studio. I am jonesing to get a live taste of some new Phishy goodness this summer. I'm so musically aroused about the prospect of a Phish album that breaks the mold. Besides the slap your momma goodness of Summer Tour and the other worldly feelings he thanked us for at Dick's, he certainly gained additional heat by crushing Fare Thee Well, let's not forget how impressive the new material was last year. Especially, "No Men's in No Man's Land" and the instant classic "Blaze On". 
   There has been a perfect storm brewing since the disaster of Wingsuit and now that that's safely in the rear view mirror, I fully expect their most mature and complete album ever. If anybody doubts that they did not attend a show in the year of 2015. It will be forever known as the year where the 3.0 era's future was no longer crystal clear. I have been on this journey since Fishman occasionally had to dodge objects because straight guys did not wear dresses in the early 90's. I am almost certain they still don't but they can't in North Carolina bathrooms. I have to admit I am confused about that but I am clear on the fact that Phish's thirteenth studio release will redefine what a Phish studio album can achieve. See you on the road. 
Kevin Long
Photos Michael Stein minus FTW
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger