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Tuesday, April 19

Trout Steak Revival Return Home and Share a Night of Magic at a Soldout Bluebird.

Trout Steak Revival Return Home and Share a Night of Magic at a Soldout Bluebird.

  Trout Steak Revival won the coveted Telluride Bluegrass band competition in 2014 and since then their careers have blossomed. For good measure, they also added an Emmy award for the soundtrack on Rocky Mountain P.B.S. To end a successful Winter tour, Trout Steak Revival capped it off in style with a hometown show at The Bluebird in downtown Denver. The sold out crowd was euphoric to see their celebrated band return to their friendly abode for a good ole fashioned hoedown. If they had a home field advantage they did not need it. It was one of those evenings where the band pressed all the right buttons and literally could do no wrong. 

     The first time I was exposed to this talented bluegrass band was walking in the door. They have been on my radar and I was more than excited to see what all the fuss was about.   Upon my tardy arrival I was greeted with a soulful rendition of Dylan’s classic “Takes a lot to Laugh and a Train to Cry”.  I instantly fell in love with this band. Their pristine sound was nothing short of angelic. They don't push jams because everyone else does, they just play the  songs beautifully always staying in the moment. Don't get confused they can and certainly jam but when it's appropriate or adds to the song. They just don't showboat as a gimmick or for Facebook likes. T.S.R also manages to have one of those hot fiddle players that are so in this year. Bevin Foley, more than fills that role with her obvious classical background.
 Whether on violin or fiddle her playing is way too precise to have grown up playing mountain music. Besides being my future wife she also is a fierce player always challenging her male band mates. 
   Will Koster plays the Dobro and guitar and is the defacto leader. He steers the band through adventurist originals that ranged from traditional bluegrass to folk. “Pie" was a perfect example of his complicated songwriting that seemingly infuses everything that's good about music. 
The sold out crowd danced with approval as the power of music was working its magic. Trout Steak Revival sent their loyal fans home with arguably the best song ever placed in the encore slot. The Band’s anthem “The Weight” was delicately delivered as the band members traded off verses,  but I expected nothing less. Trout Steak Revival only serves the songs and they manage to flush out exactly what they need to shine best. 
   It's amazing what a band can do when egos are left at home and everyone is comfortable with their role in the band. It is rare to witness a band communicate so well and the end result is astounding. 
Trout Steak Revival are more grounded in tradition bluegrass. Thier infectious sound is rooted in mountain music with a sweet touch of Americana. Most importantly they enjoy creating it together,  being friends is hard to miss as they smile every bit as their dancing fans. In a crowded genre with a muckle of bands that all sound similar. T.S.R. focus on pleasing themselves first lends their music instant authenticity that separates them from the pack.
   Their sound resonates with tradition Bluegrass lovers as well as Jamgrass fans. Trout Steak Revival is yet another example that great music truly knows no boundaries. 
 Words:Kevin Long
 Photos: Rob Frey