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Tuesday, April 26

The Magic Bean's saved plenty for Homecoming Show

The Magic Bean's saved plenty for Homecoming Show.

There are few bands with more buzz than “The Magic Beans”. They deserve and have earned every last bit of praise that has started rolling in. Being a jamband starting in Colorado they had to learn quick and start with mad chops. To succeed in the Jam capital as a young band is akin to becoming a dancer while living on Broadway. 
   Their name was definitely on the Boulder Theatre Marquee last Friday night for a well deserved hometown show. The band has been spreading their magic all spring tour leaving melted faces while new fans are sprouting up all over the Midwest and East Coast. 

   Everything's coming together for this outfit and from what I witnessed they are more than ready to climb the festival flyers. In fact they are hosting their own June 10-12th. Beanstalk Festival will take place in stunning Westcliffe, CO. The Magic Beans will headline all three nights, plus fans can look forward to The New Deal, Electron, New Elastic Time (featuring Michael Kang, Jason Hann, and Michael Travis of the String Cheese Incident), The Main Squeeze, and many other artist. This will be one of those iconic festivals where the attendance seems to rise with each passing year along with the legend.
     It was obvious they were glad to be home especially when some familiar faces were on stage. Joining the fire was former drummer Will Trask on kit  (Jaden Carlson Band),  Matt Wilkolak (Moontang) and Clark Smith (DYNOHUNTER) on horns. The music world was still reeling from the death of Prince. Founding members Scott Hachey and Casey Russell are Minnesota natives, and paid tribute to the man in purple with a stunning version of "I Wanna Be Your Lover". It was just the medicine many needed and it was nice to hear one of his other timeless tunes. When bands honor their recent fallen idols they are all well intended, but Heaven called and Prince politely asked Bands to learn another song. Purple Rain is a fitting tribute, but The Magic Beans are anything but predictable and that's what makes their music so infectious. Their live show is similar to shuffle on your iPod. But they steer this musical ship with uncanny segways  that seem to develop naturally out of their bravura set. They owned the featureless stage with one scorcher after another. The crowd danced with approval from the first note. Neither the band or their hometown fans needed to warm up. It was controlled chaos of the highest order all evening. This band's time has arrived and there is plenty of room on the bandwagon. Leaving a show more excited than you came is rare. But we can only expect an all-out soul shakedown in the mountains and June is around the bend. 
Words & Photos Sam Berenson