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Thursday, April 14

The Fourth of July Weekend in Colorado is a Musical Dilemma. Dead andCompany or Red Rocks?

The Fourth of July Weekend in Colorado just got more confusing with Tom Hamilton's epic Dead and Company after party.

Before Dead and Company announced their Fourth of July plans in Boulder, I was all set for an epic Holiday. I was and still may be attending a bill of four insane acts sharing the holy Rocks. JRAD, Zappa Plays Zappa, The Main Squeeze and Umphrey's fucking McGee is hard to turn down. It would take three members of the best band ever to make me question not going to Red Rocks. Damn! Same dates as well. Jam Band voodoo will see to it if I do one night of each show, that I will catch the off night of all acts. The better music will be on those sacred rocks, but the boys are not getting any younger and Mayer can't get anymore cheesy. If this dilemma was not enough to bounce around my head.  Now I have to pick from different kick ass after parties. 

    Phil's son has his band "Midnight North" booked and they are improving seemingly by the day. Bobby has been known to sit in with the young band. Just when I started to let myself fantasize about this promising affair. Tom Hamilton announced an after party with his band "American Babies" with special guests Marco Benevento, Oteil Burbridge and more. For the record the late night decision is a no brainer. As for the real dilemma, only jamband fans would consider this a problem. It may be a first world one,  but this conundrum will rent space in my head until game time and months after. What would you do? 
Words: Kevin Long