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Monday, April 4

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Dazzled a Sold Out Fox Theatre, as They Celebrated Their New Album.


   Pigeons Playing Ping Pong rolled into the historic Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado. For a special gig as it was the release party for their new album “Pleasure”.  The excitement was evident just approaching the venue, as there was a line of colorful fans waiting to enter the intimate theatre. It was obvious there would be no fooling’ around on this April Fools Day, The first words lead vocalist and pedal-driven-machine Greg Ormont had for the crowd were, “We’re so happy to be in Boulder, our home away from home. Let's get this album release party started!”
The band dove head first into their antics by seemingly opening with fan favorite “F.U.”, setting the rowdy tone for the evening, before faking the crowd out as “F.U” actually gave birth into the funk-driven “Bad For You”, off of the new album. One of this band's most impressive asset is their ability to flawlessly segue in and out of jams. Lead guitarist Jeremy Schon, vocalist and guitarist Greg Ormont, bass-slapping wizard Ben Carrey, and the man behind the kit, Alex Pretropulos, share a deep level of non-verbal communication on stage. This was on full display as the band continued to unleash songs off their new release . In the form of “Fade Fast, “Penguins”, and “Walk Outside”, which was sandwiched around the tongue and cheek 70’s anthem, “Kung Fu Fighting”. Funkin’ and groovin’ embodies Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s character as a band, and this was clear as they tackled this iconic cover as the sold out crowd danced with approval. After faking out the crowd with an “F.U.” opening teaser. The boys more than made it up to their faithful fans. By ending the show with an extended “F.U.” complete with a monstrous jam.  If this show and the new album are any indication of the Baltimore native’s bright future, you should not make the mistake of missing Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. The next time they bring their charismatic version of rock to a venue near you, take my advice and see what the future sounds like. This talented band has just started and there is plenty of room on the bus. The newly released album “ Pleasure” can be enjoyed  or purchased through the band's website. Here is a link to the new album
Words & Photos: Sam Berenson