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Wednesday, April 6

Our Friends at Cash or Trade just Broke the Internet. It is Now MoreEfficient to Embrace the Face.

Our Friends at Cash or Trade just Broke the Internet. 

  I woke up and was going through my many daily emails and one instantly brought a smile to my face. A friend to our scene Brando Rich, founder of has just made it so much more efficient than ever to Embrace the Face. I remember when this was just a man's crusade, kuddos Brando! We owe you a debt we will pay you, but only for face.  
Words: Kevin Long
Letter & Link from Cash or Trade
We just launched new Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit groups for each state, band, and festival, helping fans stay up-to-date with regional and band specific events. A new tool auto-posts to these sites, giving your trades more exposure than ever before. A simple post for a Bruce Springsteen show in New York, will auto-post to the Bruce Springsteen Facebook and Twitter groups as well as the New York Facebook and Twitter groups too. It will post to the general CashorTrade Facebook and Twitter feeds as well and finally to our new sub-reddit groups. BAM! :-)
Click the below to watch our video and learn more about this crazy new feature.