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Wednesday, April 6

Jazz is Phish Loves Colorado as they Set Out to Spread the Magic.

Jazz is Phish Loves Colorado as they Set Out to Spread the Magic. 

Jazz is Phish is the most intriguing band to emerge onto the scene without actually being seen. This is all about to change this week when this all star band embarks on their first tour which like any celebrated jam band starts with a few stops a mile high in Colorado.
   The band's concept is so genius, take the complex arrangements of Phish songs and turn them into the Jazz compositions they long to be. "Jazz is Phish" is the same concept as "Jazz is Dead "of the mid 90’s, but it's a steroid induced version of a similar conception.  Jimmy Herring and the now famous band of gypsies had a different approach as The Chase Brothers. They both lean heavily on improvisation, but what set them apart besides the two different band's  catalogue they use to paint. Is the stellar horn section Jazz is Phish brings to the dance. It really flushes out that New Orleans sound while showcasing the brilliant arrangements. 
    This is the brainchild of the Chase Brother, Matt and Adam who have a very successful Phish cover band named “Strange Design.” Joining the soon to be epic journey through the Rockies and beyond are Anthony Wellington of Victor Wooten Band, Kevin Moehringer of TV On The Radio, Ms Mr Carl Gerhard, Giant Country Horns,Evan Cobb from Cage the Elephant and Aretha Franklin, Josh Thomas, and Chris Bullock from the Grammy Award winning Snarky Puppy. 
    After reading the list of talent you understand the excitement for a project that only has played a few shows. Sold out as they may have been. This will be the tour that puts this band on the mantle. Go to youtube and check out some of the insane takes on beloved tunes. It's not often you can say Miles Davis would enjoy listening to “Weigh” but that's exactly what this band pulls off. These Colorado shows will go down in lore. Make sure you are there to witness this bands ascend to the top. Tour dates and links for tickets below
Words: Kevin Long  
Photo: Lori 

4/7 Agave - (Vail, CO)
4/8 Cervantes Ballroom - (Denver, CO)
4/9 Hodi's Half Note - (Ft. Collins, CO)
4/10 Animas City Theatre - (Durango, CO)
4/19 The Howard Theatre - (Washington, DC)
4/20 The Rex Theater - (Pittsburgh, PA)
4/21 Ardmore Music Hall - (Philadelphia, PA)
4/26 The Howlin' Wolf - (New Orleans, LA)
Links to buy your Colorado tickets before they sell out. 
April 7, Vail Colordo 
April, 8th Denver
April 9th Ft. Collins 
April, 9th Durango, Colorado
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