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Wednesday, April 27

Hulaween just got BETTER again!

Hulaween just got BETTER..... again...(Best Forrestt Gump voice)

Check this out! For the love of real music, I was sold at 7 sets of Cheesy Groves. I am confused how The Colorado Express 
manage to keep improving this festival. It has improved from amazing the inaugural year to one of the premier musical events of the year. It won Best Festival last season and for those of us that go are in the know...... Why? It's a million small things done perfectly till the final product is a wonderland for adults. S.C.I will be coming off their busiest year of touring since reuniting. The March shows achieved the madness they were billed as. By Hulaween they will be finally complete and taking names. And that is just one band off this insane line up. Add J-Rad and see you in the swamp. Give S.C.I enough time and space, the result is always magic. I guess the only question is what's the theme? I think a tribute set would be clean, chilling at yet another Hulaween. I am a poet...... Or not
Kevin Long