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Sunday, March 20

The Nth Power enjoy a Hometown Show with Jennifer Hartswick. CompleteTour Dates!

The Nth Power enjoy a Hometown Show with Jennifer Hartswick. Complete Tour Dates! 

When going to see live music it’s best to go without expectations with a clean palate. However, on March 16th, The Brooklyn Bowl hosted a pair of acts that made it impossible to practice such restraint with The Nth Power and Jennifer Hartswick Band. The night had the precise ingredients for magic and that’s what ensued from the first note.
The evening exploded with the Jennifer Hartswick Band, made up of Rob Marscher, Nick Cassarino, Nikki Glaspie and DerzonDouglas. The band performed without a set list which led to a surprising and captivating performance. Jennifer’s soulful vocals combined with a killer sit-in by fan favorite Natalie Cressman on trombone more than warmed up the crowd, it was the spark the crowd needed to get the evening going. 

Igniting that spark into a full on fire, The Nth Power took to the stage. This tour which is just getting started and has already reached to peak levels of jamming with the band firing on all cylinders. This evening was no different, from out of control guitar solos to mind bending percussion battles nothing was off limits. The Nth Power have mastered the art of taking radio friendly songs and stretching them out into live masterpieces. This beautifully highlights the bands talents while the music invigorates and engages fans and first timers alike.  
This was a night nobody wanted to end, but thankfully the band saved a little something special for the encore, Brandon “Taz Niederauer.  The young star who celebrated his 13th birthday that day joined the band blowing the roof off the venue and likely the minds of everyone in the room as well. This was the perfect ending to an extraordinary show that was truly just one long highlight.
If you have yet to catch this band live in their ideal setting you may soon get the gift as the Abundance Tour will bring the band across the country until the end of May. The tour will have the band team up with some other top-notch acts along the way such as the Joathan Scales Fourchestra, The Fritz, The Motet as well as Turkuaz. With the band reaching new musical heights nightly this is a tour not to miss.
Words and photos: Chason Heins