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Thursday, March 3

The Gem and Jam Festival Celebrated it's Ten Year Anniversary with an Event, that was Hotter than The Arizona Sun.

Gem and Jam Festival Celebrated its Ten  Year Anniversary with an  Event,that was Hotter than the Arizona Sun.  
  Idaho may officially be nicknamed" The Gem State", but after ten years of an event that manages to ameliorate each
year; that honor should be bestowed upon Arizona.

 While it's included in the conversation of the gem states, The city of Tucson has been busy the last decade hosting one of the premiere and unique music festivals' in the country. 

This year's unseasonably hot weather did not stop the tenth annual Gem and Jam festival from being the optimal one yet, as it improved in every conceivable way. There is no mystery why this event continues to improve every year. Their dedicated  staff and volunteers observe what works and improves upon those attractions, while amending or discarding ideas that did not add to this premier event's vibe. They absolutely served up an ace for the tenth anniversary of this celebrated festival. 
  Upon discovering the lovely grounds while we explored the vast area in which hosts the festival , everywhere was perfectly adorned with idyllic decor for this special occasion. It's sonic beauty seduced my mind's rhythm while simultaneously altering my perception of the physical world. It was truly Shangri-la for the senses, as mind candy exposed itself seemingly around every gem. The amazement took on many forms. The props varied from stunning fire tamers, to costumed models and talented artists were present creating art for every pallet. Once the music started, the artist began to paint with predetermined strokes as the paint that colored the canvases were inspired by the pleasing sounds

They seemed to be receiving their orders from the highest authority. Auditory Communication had officially begun and seized control of the wonderfully ill layered grounds. The music drew the guests into varied locations,while also inspiring instant happiness throughout the majestic park.  

   The days would transform into night, and beauty shined from all directions. Every stage possessed its own unique personality.  The carefully selected music fleshed it out or perhaps it formed the characteristics, the sun can be deceptive. 

One fact could not be ignored, the party was well underway and my dancing shoes managed to start moving almost like magic. 
They never stopped the entire weekend as the acts ranged from jam bands,  producers and  as the hypotonic sounds of electronic dance music was akin to icing on a cake. Many acts we discovered like a coveted gem, while others like Spatford played a number of our favorite tunes. The parties often went late into the morning until we were blinded by the breathtaking sunrises. Some nights our souls needed to dance and laugh till dawn. That time was magical and a smile still wrinkles my face, when I think about the memories made in paradise. 
This Tenth annual Gem and Jam festival was superior than the previous events. It was the best one yet for a varied of reasons and the majority that attended previous years also shared our sentiments.
 If  howling at the moon all night was not your pleasure. They had yoga in the mornings, varied workshops, astonishing gems on display and variety of food to enjoy. 

They even had art exhibits, yes there was everything for anybody at the festival's tenth birthday party. Lucky for us, this festival is like wine it gets better with age. See you next year!  

Words: Evan Gays
Photos: Michael Stein  
Editor:Kevin Long
       People Watching By Kevin Long