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Thursday, March 17

Jackie Greene's star shined at the recording of eTown.

Jackie Greene's star shined bright at the recording of eTown. 
    March 9, 2016 Boulder, Colorado

  The eTown format accentuated Jackie Greene’s natural talents on an unseasonably warm evening in Boulder, Colorado. Jackie was the featured artist on the celebrated show, along with” Birds of Chicago” who's inspired music, is no longer a secret. Syd Mandelbaum was also honored for his many inventive programs to feed the hungry. Most notably, Syd's charities have used the extra food at concerts and sporting events to distribute over a billion meals and counting. It was a joy to witness Nick and Helen Forster aggregate all of this content to deliver a flawless variety show filmed in front of a live audience. 
    Jackie Greene and his band jump started the show with a pair of genuine tunes which included “Light up Your Window” off his latest studio release  ”Back to Birth” and "One Bad Love".  The majority of Jackie’s material performed this evening was off this celebrated new album, but he threw a beautiful curve ball by performing the rarely played “One Bad Love” to perfection and the delight of Mr. Greene’s fans. 
    Nick Forster after fulfilling his sponsorship duties, led a fascinating interview with Jackie Greene. The interview focused on his vast musical endeavors. Nick concentrated mainly on his relationship with The Grateful Dead. The audience learned how playing with the remaining members of The Dead changed his approach to music and the impact it had on his latest release "Back to Birth”. I am a huge Deadhead and love hearing Jackie collaborate with the boys. It was exciting to hear that Mr. Greene is going to be focus on his own promising career for the immediate  future.
     The next act demonstrated why variety shows are still important in this musical climate. The market is saturated with so much shit that a band as blinding as “Birds of Chicago” easily slips between the cracks.  The only benefit of my ignorance to the genius that lay before me was that feeling I experienced   when the angelic music hit me. Discovering an amazing band in a live setting is akin to eating a steak while hungry, you can never get enough and nothing has ever sounded better. This husband and wife duo is a talent that will be shining bright for a long time to come. 
     Jackie and his band returned after a few segments and reminded the crowd that we were indeed at a concert. He opened his second half with a rousing version of “Now I Can See for Miles”. Jackie showed off his bravura guitar skills, tearing up baby blue before getting behind his organ for the remainder of the show. From this comfortable view, Jackie led his band through three more numbers. The highlight was a bluesy “Shaken” that really got dirty, as the band took this classic and opened it up. One could not script a better ending, or maybe they did. Host Mr. and Mrs. Forster, the house band and “Birds of Chicago” joined Jackie and his band for a rousing collaboration of The Band's “Ophelia”
      . Founded in 1991 by the musical husband and wife duo, Nick and Helen Forster. It has become nothing short of an American treasure. It is filmed in a venue that leaves no carbon footprint and they should be proud of their piece of Americana. This program shined more light into the person Jackie Greene, but I hope the vast radio audience learned about his amazing voice. Plain and simple the kid gets it, like the tributors before him. He only serves his music and we are lucky to be alive to witness his talent. 
Words: Kevin Long
Photos: Rob Frey