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Tuesday, March 15

Happy Birthday Phil Lesh!!

Happy Birthday Phil Lesh!!
  We are so grateful to wish Phil Lesh a Happy 76th Birthday today. The only thing bigger than his bass bombs is his heart. 76 years young and his beautifully broken voice still manages to sing songs to fill the air. 
    The Grateful Dead closed a majestic chapter of music when Jerry passed away in 1995. Phil and his magic smile made sure the trip did not end there and has added many quality miles. He has fronted plenty of  bands since, including  tours with his remaining band mates. His most celebrated solo band,  Phil and Friends carried on the torch with many different musicians. He will celebrate his birthday by playing with Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, Rob Barraco and John Molo at the Capitol in Port Chester. This line up was referred to as the Quintet and delivered some of the best Dead inspired shows ever. Last summer he played as a member of the core four for the last time at Fare Thee Well. The five historic shows celebrated fifty years of The Grateful Dead. Phil has stated those shows will be the last time he shares the stage with the core four. But at Phil's young age, we have learned never to say never. 
By Kevin Long