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Monday, March 7

Cas Haley ... Real Roots and Rhythm. “More Music, More Family

GCas Haley ... Real Roots and Rhythm. “More Music, More Family”

   Music is something that will travel an endless journey from inside the mind and its waking body. For a Texas born Cas Haley, the compositions stretching out come together into a beautifully creative, and an extensively entertaining album. The first time Grateful Music caught up to Cas Haley, Kevin Long interviewed him following the release of the well received “Connection” which he recorded for record label “Easy Star Records”. His most recent album entitled ‘More Music, More Family’ was his first for Pledgemusic. It was released late last year. Being his fourth studio album to hit the limelight since 2008. This artist has traveled many a road since the reggae star from “America’s Got Talent”. His latest and most polished release ‘More Music, More Family’ has many strengths.
 The vast genres that pure reggae music visit and gained inspiration from are all represented in some manner on this ambiguous effort. The connection between the folk, and blues backgrounds are present throughout this joyous record. Executed perfectly are intense small room percussions backing the instrumentation. I was beating my feet and embracing Haley’s passionate, honest lyrics throughout the entire recording. His uplifting spin on life shines  brightest on this release and his strength is his heart. A quality of his music that manages to find a path directly into the listener.
    There are many tracks on this delicious release I could brag upon. One such song is  “Whole” with the help of hip/hop artist Tubby Love, the messages of the tune comes soaring into perspective. Also “Big Hope” really shines taking advantage of bumping bass lines and solid drum tracking that highlight his style of hip hop perfectly. Other guest artist include Drew Misil and Free Will. 
I could find little to say against this album. It felt beachy, it was groovy, and there were even surprises of gospel music. The highlight of this album in my eyes is how it maintains its professionalism and stills gave me the feeling of a performance from a street artist. The genius who took a left a few times, when life called for a right. I recommend this album to all my music listeners, just like Grateful Music has from the start of Cas Haley career. Just like this refreshing Artist.  I’d recommend it from the start, to the finish. “It's a new beginning, when you get to the end.”
- Michael Wallentin
Editor: Kevin Long 
Photo: Kevin Long & Cas @Hang-out