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Wednesday, March 2

Camp Bisco Returns Adding a Great Line Up with all those Terrible Drugs.

Camp Bisco Returns Adding a Great Line Up with all those Terrible  Drugs.

Camp Bisco returns to their new home in  Pennsylvanian following a successful inaugural year at the new impressive grounds. They always offer plenty of impressive talent to accompany them while they headline each night with usually inconsistent performances. This year is no exception as STS9, GRIZ, and Lotus, are just a few of the bands joining The Disco Biscuits on their annual retreat.The one glaring advice that was absent from the marquee is fans should bring a drug test kit. This festival has a well deserved reputation for bringing together folks from around the country that should have never found a common bond to party together. They rage on bath salts and spice recklessly for the entire span of the festival. The most unfortunate aspect is this is not any different than the majority of other major festivals and the legions of fans who attend them.  The glaring difference is many Biscuit Heads prefer the unstable high from bath salts. I believe the reason being  fans love The Salt a.k.a Chinese tweak are the affordable prices, also it's properties are inconsistent and delivers an unstable high. It shares the band's music over the past couple of years in that respect. The past few years they only play a few special events, while still maximizing profits. All the while the band seemingly puts forth minimal effort. But, I hear it's always a blast from the same two kids every year and with this impressive line up, both will definitely have a Blast....from the crack pipe and rage. It's the festival of the summer for their loyal fan base, if a small taste is all that is offered, It usually helps with the unfortunate withdraws that come with your favorite band playing just a few times every year. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. 
Words:Kevin Long
Words:Kevin Long