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Wednesday, February 10

Todd Nance welcome back and bye. Widespread Panic has replaced Nancewith Duane Trucks permanently!

Duane Trucks might have missed a weekend in paradise, but he seemingly won a sweet gig. 


Details are sketchy right now, but one thing is for certain Todd Nance's days of being the worst drummer with the best job are over. Widespread Panic has proven in the past they will take talent over loyality or friendship, when Jimmy Herring took over for the only guitar tech that got to stay for the whole show. Those were painful years and the second Herring's contract with The Dead expired he took his cosmic chops to become Panic's hired gun. He was like a shot of cocaine in the morning for Panic's erratic sound and saved the band's legacy. Jambase reached out for comment and Widespread confirmed that Trucks will be the drummer going forward starting tonight. Todd Nance took some time off to take care of personal issues in 2014. His rehab and struggles with substance abuse was the worst kept secret at the time. He now has unemployment issues as well. Duane Trucks welcome to the party. Even though Duane is a far superior drummer, this comes as a surprise considering Todd has been with W.S.P from the beginning. I am sure we have not heard the last of this and Grateful Music hopes Todd's only problem is erratic timing behind the kit. I hope he did not relapse in Mexico, he would not be the first. We hope this was strictly a talent issue and Todd is in good health. We wish Todd Nance all the best in the future. Hopefully he will find a project, because teaching is not a option in my humble opinion. Talking to inside sources it was not a democratic or popular decision. This band may need one of those famous Jamband retirements for a year. 

          Try reading between rainbow!
Words: Kevin Long