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Thursday, February 25

The Pot becomes legal in Washington D.C. at Midnight. Celebrate, they've caved on a meaningless law. While the kids dance and shake their bones

The Pot becomes legal in Washington D.C. at Midnight. Celebrate, they've caved on a meaningless law. While the kids dance and shake their bones. 
     My fellow Americans,  I am more dumbfounded, than satisfied on our latest victory, on the war, on the war, that makes money;on the war on drugs. But unless a Republican, pulls some last minute interpretation of the mandate, or a Demercrat pulls on a hooker instead of a joint. Chalk up another victory for common sense and another mark in the lost column. This war should shame any man involved with empathy. Considering those jokers not many. Just say no, caused more damage to this country than George W. Bush did in a week. They lied about drugs and lost all credibility. Remember that commercial about being hooked for life after one crack hit. It's billshit, trust me my thumb could cut a window twenty years ago. And for those that think this is a political issue, you have already drank the cool aide. This is not about morals or keeping kids safe. The results out of Colorado are more than numbers. They have names such as Mark, Mike, Lori, and Chason. Young people's lives are being saved.

       Overdoses off opiate related drugs have fallen nearly 50%. So why is this no brainer, meeting resistance? They will scare you with words like morals and slippery slope. If it was about the right thing, it would be legal country wide. It's about every other issue we fight on Facebook about, as threads grow like Americans waistlines, as we regurgitant what Rachal Madow said earlier. Then somebody zings you with a racist slur, now known as campaign slogans. 

    It's about money! You know how many jobs are infused with our malign drug policy. It's really not even about flower, I am smoking now and soon, I will be back home in Colorado. And, I will be smoking the same fruit. I left the South with only for it to become legal. It's about everything, from not fearing headlights in your rear view mirror. To all the counties that dispise the world police we have become. Our government(now sponsored by Pepsi) has no interest in human suffering or stopping the flow of drugs into our streets. Or our troops would be in Mexico where our policies have killed thousands and threaten to wipe an unique culture of the map.  All because our appetite for narcotics is endless. We are the world's moral police, which would be dandy if we were not utterly, morally Bankrupt. Our policy on weed falls in line with our standing in the world. A joke! We are the only country to drop a nuclear weapon and now we get to decide who can have one. Legalizing a drug who's only harm is when you get caught with it. Than it will sure ruin lives. So, come midnight, progress inches closer to sanity. And the kids they dance and shake their bones. 
Words:Kevin Long