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Sunday, February 7

The Dead and Company Files! The real summer dates.

The Dead and Company Files! The truth is out there. 
I want to Believe! Dead & Company tour.

Any time somebody claims that an event or information is a conspiracy. I always ask, what and who have something to gain? Since 2010, we and other sites leak Phish summer tour dates early. They always come from ab unnamed source. They have been 98% correct, maybe missing the order of two cities or usually it's a festival. One of two things happen immediately. First, a segment of the fanbase gets so angry that one would think you leaked that summer tour was cancelled. This group insults you and always calls the dates bunk or click bait. Furthermore they attack your integrity, intelligence and motives. Oddly, nobody has ever apologizes for such foul comments. They seem to disappear until the next year when they arrive to cause havoc and insult you all over again.  They must suppress their ignorance so deep they have no memory of being a loud, rude, wrong troll just last year or they might have an agenda. What does a band spend money and countless man hours on before a tour starts? The publicists gets paid to create hype, recognition and excitement. Shit, Fare Thee Well achieved full blown hysteria. Bottom line they better get the news to the fans that support the machine.
    This year I got Dead and Company dates from a trusted source. But, the more I studied them. I found details that did not add up. Lots of Indoor dates in summer, dates at venues  already booked, among other glaring inconsistencies. It did achieve the same result. Facebook blew up, Dead and Company trended on Twitter. Then to keep the train rolling Bobby popped up at a John Mayer show. How convenient! I don't believe in coincidences or those dates. Then I get an email with Dead and Company tour dates that make sense. Is it some guitar tech trading information for wax, or is it something far more devious. The truth is out there and I am nobody's fool. Here are what I believe are the real Dead and Company tour dates. But then again, I want to believe.  
Words: Kevin Long
Information: Stirfry aka.(The Smoking Guy)